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  Post Date
NWC Continues to put a STOP to Water Theft - Bogue Village Targeted 11/08/2017
NWC Continues Non-Revenue Water Reduction Programme in St. Andrew Traffic Flow in Three Miles to be Affected 11/08/2017
NWC Toll Free Line Disruption 31/07/2017
NWC Improves Water Supply from Sour Sop Turn to Chapleton 21/07/2017
NRW NETWORK IMPROVEMENT WORKS TO CONTINUE...Corporate Area Water Supply To Be Affected 03/07/2017
Pardon Our Progress: Active Leak Detection and Valve Repairs Continue in KSA 30/06/2017
NRW Network Improvement Works to Continue.. Corporate Area Water Supply to be Affected 26/06/2017
Network Improvement and Rehabilitation Works to Disrupt Water Supply in St. Andrew 19/06/2017
Damaged Yallahs Pipeline Impacting Mona System Water Supply at Nights 12/06/2017
NWC condemns Acts of Tampering in St. Ann 08/06/2017
NWC Uncovers Theft in Cornwall Courts 29/05/2017
Thieves Strip Water Supply Facility ....Sections of Clarendon Affected 29/05/2017
NWC Continues Restoration Efforts Despite Challenges 22/05/2017
Inflows Decline at Martha Brae 22/05/2017
NWC Starts Customer Census Mapping in KSA 24/03/2017
NWC, NWA Collaborate on Pipeline Replacement along Mandela Highway 13/02/2017
N.W.C Urges Customers to Conserve 07/02/2017
NWC Completes North Street Emergency Sewerage Works, Other Problems Persist 30/01/2017
NWC to Carry Out Leak Detection Activities in the Mona Distribution Zone 16/01/2017
NWC Starts Active Leak Detection Programme in KSA 07/10/2016
Scammers Posing as Employees Continue to Prey Upon Unsuspecting Customers 07/10/2016
NWC Statements Regarding Disruptions at Plants and Offices 13/09/2016
NWC Clamp Down on Delinquency and Theft in Clarendon 06/09/2016
NWC Meter Readers Robbed and Meters Targeted by Thieves 01/09/2016
Scammers Target NWC Customers 04/08/2016
NWC Alerts Customers Fraudulent Emails 04/07/2016
NWC in High Gear for Hurricane Season - Systems Remain Vulnerable 03/06/2016
NWC Alerts Public About Scammers 07/04/2016
Vandals Stymie NWC Work...Customers in St James Affected 07/04/2016
NWC Warns Against Damming and Diversion of Rivers 10/03/2016
NWC Encourages Continued Conservation....Longest Dry Period Begins 18/02/2016
NWC Warns Against Illegal Land Transaction 18/02/2016
NWC Alerts the Public About Scammers 03/02/2016