Sewerage Treatment Plants

The NWC operates nearly 100 sewerage (wastewater) treatment plants islandwide. The types of sewerage treatment facilities used in Jamaica include oxidation ditch, activated sludge, waste stabilization pond and primary treatment. Central sewerage systems are located in Kingston and St. Andrew, South-east St. Catherine (Portmore), Montego Bay in St. James, Ocho Rios in St. Ann, and Negril in Westmoreland.

In addition, the NWC has the responsibility for small sewerage systems, which are associated with housing developments in various parts of the country. A packaged sewerage treatment plant is a part of most of these small systems.

The table below provides information on some of the sewerage treatment facilities operated by the NWC.

Treatment Plant Parish Type of Facility Capacity (mgd)
Acadia KSA Extended Aeration 0.05
Barbican Mews KSA Extended Aeration 0.06
Bay Farm Villa KSA Contact Stabilization 0.1
Boone Hall KSA Extended Aeration 0.09
Elletson Flats KSA Contact Stabilization 0.23
Greenwich KSA Primary Treatment 5
Grove Manor KSA Extended Aeration 0.06
Harbour View KSA Contact Stabilization 1
Hughenden KSA Contact Stabilization 0.35
Oakwood KSA Extended Aeration 0.05
Port Royal KSA Sand Filter  
Western KSA Primary Treatment 2
White Hall KSA Extended Aeration 0.08
Widcombe KSA Contact Stabilization 0.08
Red Hills Pen St. Thomas Extended Aeration 0.07
Yallahs Housing Estate St. Thomas Waste Stabilization Ponds 0.16
Anchovy Portland Oxidation Ditch 0.05
Woodstock Portland Oxidation Ditch 0.08
Stockholm St. Mary Oxidation Ditch 0.04
Boscobel St. Mary Septic Tank/Tile Field  
Moneague Housing St. Ann Oxidation Ditch  
Steer Town St. Ann Oxidation Ditch 0.04
Vanzie Lands Trelawny Oxidation Ditch  
Montego Bay St. James Trickling Filter 1.5
Llandilo Housing Westmoreland Oxidation Ditch  
Shrewsbury Westmoreland Extended Aeration 1
Bushy Park Housing Clarendon Aerated Lagoon 0.15
Hayes No. 1 Housing Clarendon Waste Stabilization Ponds 0.07
Hayes No. 2 Housing Clarendon Waste Stabilization Ponds 0.2
Paisely Pen Housing Clarendon Oxidation Ditch 0.05
Crofts Hill Clarendon Oxidation Ditch 0.05
Lionel Town Housing Clarendon Aerated Lagoon 0.04
Mineral Heights Housing Clarendon Contact Stabilization 0.35
Blackwood Gardens St. Catherine Waste Stabilization Ponds 0.15
Bridgeport St. Catherine Contact Stabilization 2
Caymanas Gardens St. Catherine Waste Stabilization Ponds 0.27
Charlemont St. Catherine Oxidation Ditch 0.16
De la Vega City Housing St. Catherine Waste Stabilization Ponds  
Ensom City Housing St. Catherine Contact Stabilization 0.5
Hamilton Gardens St. Catherine Oxidation Ditch 0.2
Horizon Park St. Catherine Oxidation Ditch 1.25
Independence City St. Catherine Contact Stabilization 3.5
Knollis Housing St. Catherine Slow Sand Filter 0.03
Lime Tree Grove St. Catherine Aerated Lagoon 0.1
New Works St. Catherine Slow Sand Filter 0.02
Nightingale Grove St. Catherine Oxidation Ditch 0.1
Red Ground Housing St. Catherine Oxidation Ditch 0.05
Tawes Pen Housing St. Catherine Contact Stabilization 0.06
Twickenham Park St. Catherine Extended Aeration 0.25

The NWC has recently completed comprehensive sewerage systems for Ocho Rios (St. Ann) and Negril (Westmoreland) to meet the increasing need for sewerage services in these areas. Similarly, the Montego Bay system in St. James has been upgraded and expanded to meet the long-term requirements for sewerage in that city.

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