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NRW Projects Continues...Molynes Road, Papine, Constant Spring Road, Red Hills Road to be affected 19/02/2018
Miya Valve Installation Works Now Being Completed...Resumption Of Operations At Constant Spring Treatment Plant 19/02/2018
Rescheduled - NRW Project Works for Constant Spring, Red Hills Road, Half Way Tree 15/02/2018
Maintenancw work to affect sections of St. Elizabeth and Manchester 13/02/2018
NRW Project Works Continues in Corporate Area...Constant Spring, Red Hills Road, August Town, Liguuanea, Molynes Road, Half Way Tree to be affected 12/02/2018
Water Supply Restoration To St. Catherine And St. Andrew...While Work OnGoing In White River St. Mary 12/02/2018
Miya Value Installation Works Now Being Completed...Mountain View, Deanery Road Areas To Expect Possible Road Delays 09/02/2018
Miya Continues Non Revenue Water Reduction Program 05/02/2018
NWC Working To Elleviate Water Supply In St. Ann...Belle Air And Edgecombe Areas Receive Improve Supply 30/01/2018
Further Delays in Bull Bay Water Supply Resumption 25/01/2018
MIYA Continues Non-Revenue Water Reduction Programms 23/01/2018
MIYA Continues Non-Revenue Water Reduction Programme 22/01/2018
Operational Challenges Affect Water Supply in Trelawny 19/01/2018
NRW Project Works Continues... Hope Pastures, August Town, Mona And Surrounding Areas To Be Affcted 18/01/2018
Water Supply Regulation Implemented For Portmore 16/01/2018
Updates-Repair Work Still On Going In Portland And St. Mary 15/01/2018
Miya Continues Non-Revenue Water Reduction Program 11/01/2018
Water Supply Regulations...Spanish Town And Environs To Receive Water Supply On Schedule Basis 09/01/2018
NWC News Release-Please Store Some Water 08/01/2018
News Release-Operational Challenges Affect Water Supply In Trelawny And Mancheste 08/01/2018
National-Water-Commission-AnPAM- Changes-Take-Effect 04/01/2018
Mechanical Challenges Affect Water Supply In Section Of Manchester 02/01/2018
MIYA Continues Non-Revenue Water Reduction.. Sections Of St. Andrew 30/12/2017
Pipeline Repairs To Impact Water Supply In St. Caterrine....Naggo Head And Surroundings To Be Affected 30/12/2017
Rehabilitation works To Affect Water Supply In St. Thomas-Prospect 30/12/2017
JPSCO Issue To Affect Water Supply In St. Andrew...Constant Spring, Norbrook And Surroundings 28/12/2017
Various Challenges Affect Water Supply in St. Thomas and Clarendon 27/12/2017
Various Challenges Affect Water Supply in St. Thomas and St. Chaterine 27/12/2017
Leak Repair Work To Affect Water Supply In Section Hanover 21/12/2017
NWC/MIYA Continues Non-Revenue Water Reduction Programmed 18/12/2017
Operrational Challenges Affects Water Supply St. James, Hanover, Trelawny And St. Ann 13/12/2017
Operational Challenges Affects Water Supply In Trelawny 12/12/2017
Unavailability of NWC Call Centre Lines 11/12/2017
NRW Works Project Schedule For Havendale, Cherry Gordens, Norbrook And Duhaney Park 11/12/2017
Operational Issue Affect NWC facility In Clarendon, Kellits And Surroundings Impacted 07/12/2017
Burnt Savannah Water Supply Shut Down 06/12/2017
NRW Project Works Schedule For Havendale, Duhaney Park And Constant Spring 04/12/2017
NWC Shut Down Of Logwood Treatment Plant, Section Of Hanover And Westmoreland To Be Affected 04/12/2017
NWC Repair Work Now UnderWay In Portmore, Greater Portmore, Nagohead And West Cumberland Affected 04/12/2017
Operational Issues Affect Water Supply In St. Andrew Molynes And Environs To Be Impacted 04/12/2017
NWC Prosecutes Five (5) In St. Catherine 04/12/2017